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Help Rebuild Horbury Civic Society!

Posted on 22 September 2015 by Peter Cooper




The committee of Horbury Civic Society are calling on local residents to help re-launch their local civic society.

Earlier this year, the Society faced closure when the former committee decided that they had done all they could for the Society and wanted to step down. With no one available to take over the running of the Society, they had decided to wind up its affairs. However, help was at hand when the committee of the regional body for civic societies (YHACS – the Yorkshire and Humber Association of Civic Societies) heard of their plight and offered to step in and save the Society from closure by taking over responsibility for running the Society until such time as new local people could be found who were willing to take it on. A public meeting has now been called to discuss the future of the Society and, hopefully, to find some new people who live locally and will be prepared to rally to the cause.

The Society’s acting chairman, Kevin Trickett who is chair of YHACS said “When we were first heard about the plan to close down the Society, we were determined to do what we could to help it to survive. The regional committee therefore agreed to step in and take over the running of the Society as a stopgap. However, the regional committee is made up of people who live right across the region from Ilkley to Scarborough and from Hull to Huddersfield. While they have lots of experience in running their own civic societies, they are not as well-placed as people who live locally will be to discuss issues local to Horbury. We are therefore holding a public meeting to encourage local people to come forward to find out how they might help.”

Kevin is already well known as president of Wakefield Civic Society, a position he has held for nearly 14 years and he has a wealth of experience now in civic society matters but, as he points out “When I first started in this voluntary role, it was all new to me and I had to rely on others for advice and support in the early days. My fellow regional committee members and I are now willing to offer the same advice and support to anyone wanting to help with the running of Horbury Civic Society in the future. Having been involved with civic societies for many years, I can appreciate the good work that they do and I really want to encourage local people to get involved. It’s enjoyable, interesting and sociable work that really puts something back into the local community.”

Kevin is keen to point out that there is no standard model for a civic society – each one is different and responds to what is happening on its own patch as it sees fit. Some of the bigger societies run an active programme of talks, guided walks and social events while also tackling meaty issues such as planning and development matters while smaller societies might only do some of these things. In essence, it is for each committee to map out its own timetable and actions.

He added “Every place needs a civic society as a point of focus and Horbury is no different. Horbury Civic Society was set up in 1968 to encourage civic pride, celebrate local history and stimulate debate and discussion about what happens in the town. It’s really important that the tradition is continued. There are civic societies all across England doing really good work, so the committee of Horbury Civic Society will be in very good company.”

If you are interested in learning more, please attend the public meeting on Thursday, 1st October starting at 7.30 pm. The meeting will be held at Primrose Hall, Green Park Avenue, Westfield Road, Horbury. Anyone interested in the work of the Society who wants to find out more is welcome to attend. In the meantime, the committee can be contacted via or can be followed on Twitter @HorburyCivicS.


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