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Horbury Civic Society Success!

Posted on 1 August 2016 by

Early in 2015, the YHACS committee was alerted to the imminent closure of Horbury Civic Society. Dwindling membership and an ageing committee had taken its toll and the Society had decided to close down. However, we at YHACS don't want to see civic societies closing down and we offered to step in to see what we could do. It was agreed that the YHACS committee should take over responsibility for running the Society and the former committee of the Society would step down.

This plan was put into action and the YHACS committee, acting as the new committee for Horbury Civic Society, started work on re-launching the Society - this included giving it something of a re-brand, a new website and a Twitter account as well as behind the scenes work on adopting a new constitution, introducing new membership subscriptions and so on.

Well, the re-launch has proved successful and we have managed to attract over 20 new members to the Society with new people continuing to sign up. These new members, who all live locally, have also elected a new committee from their membership and the Society will be holding their first meeting for the new membership on 6th August at the Cluntergate Centre in the town.

This means that the work of the YHACS committee is nearly done. We will stay on the committee until the end of 2016 and will then withdraw to allow the new committee and membership to determine their own destiny and make their own plans for the future. We are, of course, delighted to see that the Society has been saved; civic societies can play an essential role in giving local communities a voice in the way the places where they live, work or relax are shaped for the future and we believe that every town and city, even every large village, should have one.

We wish the new committee of Horbury Civic Society continuing success. If you would like to see what they are doing, follow them on Twitter @HorburyCivicS or have a look at their website


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