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SaltaireWelcome to the 'virtual library' of the Yorkshire and Humber civic society movement. Below you will find a variety of publications issued by YHACS. Please click on the heading to open the file.

Meeting Minutes

Main Meeting Minutes Sheffield March 23rd 2019

AGM Minutes Harrogate January 26th 2019

Main Meeting Minutes Wakefield October 6th 2018

Main Meeting Minutes Ripon July 28th 2018

Main Meeting Minutes Leeds April 18th 2018

AGM Minutes Harrogate January 27th 2018

Main Meeting Minutes Bradford September 30th 2017

Main Meeting Minutes Hornsea July 29th 2017

Main Meeting Minutes Barnsley April 29th 2017

AGM Minutes Harrogate January 28th 2017

Main Meeting Minutes Goole 29th October 2016

Main Meeting Minutes Whitby June 25th 2016

Main Meeting Minutes Doncaster April 9th 2016

AGM Minutes Harrogate January 30th 2016

Main Meeting Minutes Pontefract October 10th 2015

Main Meeting Minutes Skipton July 18th 2015

Main Meeting Minutes Ilkley April 25th 2015

AGM Minutes Harrogate January 31st 2015

Main Meeting Minutes Richmond 27th September 2014

Main Meeting Minutes Hull 26th July 2014

Main Meeting Minutes Wakefield 5th April 2014

AGM Minutes Harrogate January 25th 2014

Main Meeting Minutes Fountains Abbey October 12th 2013

Main Meeting Minutes Scarborough, July 6th 2013

AGM Minutes Harrogate January 26th 2013

Main Meeting Minutes Halifax September 22nd 2012


State of the Civic Society Movement in Y&H December 2011

Commemorative Plaque Study 2013


YHACS Annual Report and Accounts 2011

YHACS Annual Report and Accounts 2012

YHACS Annual Report and Accounts 2013

YHACS Annual Report and Accounts 2014

YHACS Annual Report and Accounts 2015

YHACS Annual Report and Accounts 2016

YHACS Annual Report and Accounts 2017

YHACS Annual Report and Accounts 2018

Buildings at Risk Study


YHACS Bulletin October 2014

YHACS Bulletin September 2015

YHACS Bulletin September 2016

YHACS Bulletin November 2016

YHACS Bulletin April 2017

YHACS Bulletin September 2017

YHACS Bulletin January 2018

YHACS Bulletin February 2018

YHACS Bulletin April 2018

YHACS Bulletin June 2018

YHACS Bulletin September 2018

YHACS Bulletin October 2018

YHACS Bulletin January 2019

YHACS Bulletin June2019

YHACS Bulletin September 2019


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